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Hey lurvs, it feels like I haven’t blogged for a year I totally went Awol, had other stuffs I had to attend to. Now that I’m back I tot I’d do a post on the products in my makeup bag….yayyyy.  I have been asked continuously about the products I have in my makeup bag, and how much I spent on all products. Actually for me, buying makeup products is like shopping for clothes, you don’t buy them all at once…but gradually. Most  of my makeup products are under N4000 each, so my makeup bag in total must be no more than …..uhmm I cant even say…*lips are sealed*.  However, it is good to invest in good quality products, they cost more than the regular drugstore products, but actually I think its worth it…because they last longer and look better when applied.  I had done a video initially but due to the poor network and also considering the fact that most people read my blog via their mobile phones, I tot I’d go through the products again and take snapshots instead…
these are the items in my "Personal" makeup bag,


My eyeshadowssss...
Zaron eyeshadow palette N3500
2 sleek palettes in au" natural and sunset plus 1 eyeshadow primer all for N2300 each
Urban decay eyeshadow for N8500
Estee lauder stay-in-place shadow creme N 6000
tara orekelewa eyeshadow, zaron baked eyeshadow and all others were about N1500

Le Face....

here i have my already busted iman powder lol, plus blush that i love so much (always use it), sonya powder (use it under my eyes to highlight), matifier, foundation, concealer and sleek translucent powder. *phew*

 this zaron kajal, is a must love love it. i'v also been using the tara orekelewa mascara and eyeliner, and they r cool too. affordable! N1300 each.


Sleek, mac, stila, revlon mary kay, black opal, victoria secret and some random lipstick products. all i got for about N1500 each except the mac lipgloss that was for N2500 and sleek pout polish that i scored for N8OO...yea.

My favorite lip gloss ( revlon nude lustre) and loreal hip pigment
for my eye shadow, i just love the glitters in it, love how it makes my eyes really bright.

sleek highlighter and shadow glitters in silver and purple. prices...i totally cannot remember!

the pencils im using for the mac pencil for my brows...its light and keeps my brows looking  all natural...and not too thick/dark...

                    Stick on Eyelashes from Lovehair N3000

                                        LE MAKE UP BAG...

I have 3 make up bags in three different sizes, i just throw my makeup in any of them depending on the size of my purse, lol. love to have my make up bags in playful colours.

                                   BANG BANG ...... BRUSHES!!!

I have saved this one for last, my favorite make up tool...make up brushes! i have a 32 piece bobbi brown make up brush collection, yea u heard 32!!! thats how bad it is...good thing VARIETY bad thing SIZE as it cant fit into my make up bag, but i also have a smaller set i can throw in my bag...this brush set goes for about N10 000

good thing about getting a complete set is that you don't have to look for a powder brush here, and get a blending brush somewhere else, and a foundation brush from there, you get the complete package. you musn't get 32 lol, just a set that you use often...totally up to you.


P.S   This is not a professional collection of make up products, just my personal products.... to get a professional makeup set you should be ready to spend more.

would love to read comments from you, recommending a favorite product from your own make up bag...

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  1. niceeeeee, okay i have just one eye shadow is this suppsd2 make me feel, *sad face*

    1. lol, doesnt buy according to your needs.

  2. Nice one I'm impressed and sure you will be a very good make up artist

  3. Cool recommend two face eyeshadow primer, you should try it

    1. yea, i know about it. will try it out. Thanks

  4. Wow, Really nice....... Thou, I don't like make up that much, I admire these ones a lot. LOVELY

  5. Wowwwww! Dis is so cool....I"ll love 2 hav as many make up kits as dis.

    1. thanks, you can! and even more than this

  6. Babe hummmmm, nice bt u made test for impressr I must say n inspiring.xoxo lisa

  7. I'm impressed,tell me more about Zaron makeup

  8. Gurl I'm so soooo impressed:D cnt wait for d make-up tutorials*wink

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