Monday, 13 August 2012


NAMASTE!!! hey everyone...this post is about the outfit i had on for sunday... its a blue gown from nexus, really really nice, girly, fab, gorgeousss, playful above all Simple! The details include a high neckline, sleevless styling and a cinched elasticated waist and ofcourse with a zipper at the back. its been cut in a short lenght and im wearing a size 10.  I actually saw a dress from ASOS and tried to pull together something from my wardrobe to replicate the are the pics..oh, and OOTD means outfit of the day!



Ok, so mine is slightly different, its in a smaller size, its cinched at the sides with a high neck. The asos gown is more like a chiffon material.
Paid it with my fav nude wedge heels, chunky gold necklace with a gold watch and i was good to go.

And yeaa i have got a new hair on... its actually human hair in straight, but i tried to play with it a little and curled just the shorter lenghts with a curling wand and left the longer ones straight (was tryna freestyle :D) it was just too long and silky could not afford to carry it short!

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PS: This is my song of the moment guys! heard it first in the movie Think like a man, its "Best you ever had by john legend" such a cool song, more like my gift to you for reading, lol download and enjoy   God bless you.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

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Hello lurvs, incase you'r wondering OOTD means "outfit of the day". I actually wore this some days back, and couldnt post it..its a denim jacket with grey tees, brown pants and heels, with a lil brown aldo bag. for my hair, no extra curls, just the natural waves it came with...guess im getting tired of it,lol. link to the jacket im wearing is below the picture.

I Also want to thank all of you for taking out time to read my in such a short time i've gotten over 1000views...its a lot considering not much publicity has been done for this blog. Thank you for the comments, and for your encouragement...and all. i really do appreciate. Blogging has become a full time job,lol as i get lots of request on make up tutorials to post, my daily make up/facial routine...etc etc. Please Please, bookmark, follow the blog (where you see 'join this blog" at the right side of the page), comment and SHARE. God bless...


Denim jacket from New look.....

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hey lurvs, it feels like I haven’t blogged for a year I totally went Awol, had other stuffs I had to attend to. Now that I’m back I tot I’d do a post on the products in my makeup bag….yayyyy.  I have been asked continuously about the products I have in my makeup bag, and how much I spent on all products. Actually for me, buying makeup products is like shopping for clothes, you don’t buy them all at once…but gradually. Most  of my makeup products are under N4000 each, so my makeup bag in total must be no more than …..uhmm I cant even say…*lips are sealed*.  However, it is good to invest in good quality products, they cost more than the regular drugstore products, but actually I think its worth it…because they last longer and look better when applied.  I had done a video initially but due to the poor network and also considering the fact that most people read my blog via their mobile phones, I tot I’d go through the products again and take snapshots instead…
these are the items in my "Personal" makeup bag,


My eyeshadowssss...
Zaron eyeshadow palette N3500
2 sleek palettes in au" natural and sunset plus 1 eyeshadow primer all for N2300 each
Urban decay eyeshadow for N8500
Estee lauder stay-in-place shadow creme N 6000
tara orekelewa eyeshadow, zaron baked eyeshadow and all others were about N1500

Le Face....

here i have my already busted iman powder lol, plus blush that i love so much (always use it), sonya powder (use it under my eyes to highlight), matifier, foundation, concealer and sleek translucent powder. *phew*

 this zaron kajal, is a must love love it. i'v also been using the tara orekelewa mascara and eyeliner, and they r cool too. affordable! N1300 each.


Sleek, mac, stila, revlon mary kay, black opal, victoria secret and some random lipstick products. all i got for about N1500 each except the mac lipgloss that was for N2500 and sleek pout polish that i scored for N8OO...yea.

My favorite lip gloss ( revlon nude lustre) and loreal hip pigment
for my eye shadow, i just love the glitters in it, love how it makes my eyes really bright.

sleek highlighter and shadow glitters in silver and purple. prices...i totally cannot remember!

the pencils im using for the mac pencil for my brows...its light and keeps my brows looking  all natural...and not too thick/dark...

                    Stick on Eyelashes from Lovehair N3000

                                        LE MAKE UP BAG...

I have 3 make up bags in three different sizes, i just throw my makeup in any of them depending on the size of my purse, lol. love to have my make up bags in playful colours.

                                   BANG BANG ...... BRUSHES!!!

I have saved this one for last, my favorite make up tool...make up brushes! i have a 32 piece bobbi brown make up brush collection, yea u heard 32!!! thats how bad it is...good thing VARIETY bad thing SIZE as it cant fit into my make up bag, but i also have a smaller set i can throw in my bag...this brush set goes for about N10 000

good thing about getting a complete set is that you don't have to look for a powder brush here, and get a blending brush somewhere else, and a foundation brush from there, you get the complete package. you musn't get 32 lol, just a set that you use often...totally up to you.


P.S   This is not a professional collection of make up products, just my personal products.... to get a professional makeup set you should be ready to spend more.

would love to read comments from you, recommending a favorite product from your own make up bag...

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Good morning lurvs...For this look i used a chocolate brown eyeshadow, gold and a blue eyeshadow, pairing it with a red lip. Obviously this is not a day look as it is abit on the loud side, you could pull this off at night or for an evening outing....put the smokey eye on a hold and try something different, i used the blue eyeshadow at the lower lash line and applied a zaron kajal to make it pop. i also went dramatic with the eyeliner drawing a long wing and used a stick on eye lashes for more effect. You can rock this look with ur hair pulled up like i did in the pics. products for this look will be listed at the bottom of the post.....more pictures


i took off the red lips and tried a nude lip with the eyes to get a subtle look.....

Nude lips....

ok so i got a lil carried away,LOL

For this look i used 
 gold eye shadow in the zaron eyeshadow palette,
sharp blue from sleek sunset palette,
and chocolate brown from tara orekelewa,
eyeliner and mascara from tara orekelewa,
zaron kajal
love hair stick on lashes
sleek coral 933 blush
revlon red lipstick
revlon nude lustre lip gloss

Note that to get a good result it is important that you use the right makeup brushes...i will be doing a review on makeup brushes soon...

So which look goes with the eyes better, the RED or NUDE lips?

Please drop your comments...Gracias.

Monday, 16 July 2012


I think i didnt title this post too well, it should be "RED AND BLUE IN THE SAME OUTFIT...YAY OR YAY" lol
Cos they totally blend well and make sense. Normally I try to play it cool with my colour blending, but on Sunday I ran out of  time and just picked a random shoe-a blue shoe, I was wearing a red skirt. i got a compliment from someone in church (im like, nigga u laughin at me, huh?) I thought it actually did look nice. So be adventurous and try mixing some bright colours together, but hey….dont ’over do” it.  Try not to go a lil over the top….you still want to look sane.

 So what do you think, is wearing a red and blue outfit a nay or yay?

Here are pics below, showing my ”rushed” Sunday look  and also from my ”blog model” ivy marshall *wink* although shes doing a really bright pink top.

Leave a comment.  Gracias.

...rainy sunday morning :D

This particular outfit was from the runway of Fall 2011 Fashion week show


Hello lurvs, check out pop star Rihanna and Kim K, i think this dress is gorge and looks cool on both ladies, but then who wore it better? Please leave a comment below and  let me know what you think....make up tutorials coming up soon.

Buenas noches!

Friday, 13 July 2012


So was on the site (that my sist and i lurv so so much )and found some really cool stuffs that are trending this season, they are abso freaking lutely cool, so i thought i should share em with u guys...these are my encanta la moda (still working on my spanish :D)


Liverty Black uedette Platform Shoe Boots

A gorgeous pair of black shoe boots are trending this season. This ankle boots can be paired with skinny jeans. Mini skirts and cropped pants. Heel height is approximately 6.5 inches.

Studs are huge news right now, and these studded ankle boots are such a cool way to work the trend….i abso freaking lutely love it!!!

Stomp stylishly into this season with these statement boots. Nude suedette  lace u platform shoe boot. Im kinda loving the wooden heel. Wud make a classic pair with skinny jeans and shorts.

Why am I so into boots today….ok nk enough with em shoes...

Le denim jacket!!! Ideal for dressing up a laidback look or layering over a going-out ensemble for a cool dose of understated chic. Can be paired with jeans, shorts and worn over a day top.
I think this chain strap shoulder bag is to die for!

Too cool!

And last, the usa paint printed skinny jeans. i dont think the usa printed skinny jeans is doing it for me tho, i mean i wudnt wanna go out looking like a FLAG! i have also seen this print in jumpsuits (even worse for me) but then one womans ewww is another womans awwwww. so let me know what you think about this usa skinny jeans.
you can order these items on 
WARNING!!! do not order my chain strap shoulder bag!!! they'v got one left *sad face*
Enjoy and Leave a comment. mwaaaah!


Your eyebrows define your eyes and creates your expression.....they also frame your face.
Tutorials on how to fill in the eyebrows coming up soon, but till are some pics

Oooops someone needs to get more sleep...

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You gatta lurvvv my Bffs....


Charming, Pretty, intelligent and funnnyyyyyyyy, i thought i was the funny one but i think she takes it, lol
favourite food:  irish potato and Chicken
colour: Purple
designer: Louis vuitton


Ivie (a.k.a HARAJUKU BARBIE)....hmmmm i dont even know where to begin with her....*screaming* TROUBLE MAKER!!!!!!! lol just kidding, but she is a lil...... one word "Diva" thats all! and hey she lurvs beyonce and me ofcourse *wink*

favourite food: Noodles
colour: Pink 
designer: Micheal Korrs
quote: All things work together for good to those who love God
 and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28)
Add Gold to that colour

more pics....

(L-R vanessa, ivie and me) Alma mata day during our final year week at college...

Our last days in college.....

..."Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labout. Gor if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow, but woe to him that is alone when he falleth, for he hath not another to help him up."
                                                                                         -  Ecclesiastes


Hello lurvs, welcome to my blog....uhhh this is my first post and i hope we'l make it fun in due time.
Peace Love and chicken greese(learnt that from a friend *rme*)
See yaaaaa
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