Monday, 13 August 2012


NAMASTE!!! hey everyone...this post is about the outfit i had on for sunday... its a blue gown from nexus, really really nice, girly, fab, gorgeousss, playful above all Simple! The details include a high neckline, sleevless styling and a cinched elasticated waist and ofcourse with a zipper at the back. its been cut in a short lenght and im wearing a size 10.  I actually saw a dress from ASOS and tried to pull together something from my wardrobe to replicate the are the pics..oh, and OOTD means outfit of the day!



Ok, so mine is slightly different, its in a smaller size, its cinched at the sides with a high neck. The asos gown is more like a chiffon material.
Paid it with my fav nude wedge heels, chunky gold necklace with a gold watch and i was good to go.

And yeaa i have got a new hair on... its actually human hair in straight, but i tried to play with it a little and curled just the shorter lenghts with a curling wand and left the longer ones straight (was tryna freestyle :D) it was just too long and silky could not afford to carry it short!

Again i want to thank you all for reading, please bookmark, read, comment and share on facebook, twitter and anyother social network you're on. please drop your comments, questions or even a request anything, lol..

PS: This is my song of the moment guys! heard it first in the movie Think like a man, its "Best you ever had by john legend" such a cool song, more like my gift to you for reading, lol download and enjoy   God bless you.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

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Hello lurvs, incase you'r wondering OOTD means "outfit of the day". I actually wore this some days back, and couldnt post it..its a denim jacket with grey tees, brown pants and heels, with a lil brown aldo bag. for my hair, no extra curls, just the natural waves it came with...guess im getting tired of it,lol. link to the jacket im wearing is below the picture.

I Also want to thank all of you for taking out time to read my in such a short time i've gotten over 1000views...its a lot considering not much publicity has been done for this blog. Thank you for the comments, and for your encouragement...and all. i really do appreciate. Blogging has become a full time job,lol as i get lots of request on make up tutorials to post, my daily make up/facial routine...etc etc. Please Please, bookmark, follow the blog (where you see 'join this blog" at the right side of the page), comment and SHARE. God bless...


Denim jacket from New look.....
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